"Vidigal To Khayelitsha" Aluku Rebels(Tribal, Deep & Ancestral House Music)By St.Denis QH Radio May 15th 2012. – Aluku Rebels Deep Tech Ancestral House

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Africa@Night Pt.17

Big welcome to all of you around the world and thank you for finding us.This mix again is very tribal mixed with deep house vibes that i hope you all love and along this journey you will always get the energy……We are here,it is very deep coz we are ALUKU REBELS.Hope you all enjoy and thank you again for all your kind words that give us more reason to push on.Since we started to date we have had over 80,000 downloads global with 125,520 views with each podcast getting around 4,000-5,000+ downloads in a 2 month span,but really happy this sound is going to places i would have never thought (Columbia/Russia/Iran/Turkey/Brazil/Japan/Germany to name a few on the rise)all i can say is WOW and please feel free to tell your friends/family and love one’s (Message to the world).One love and god bless you all.


(INTRO)Thunderstorm In The Jungle(Real Life Sounds)

1.Jason Cheiron-Primal Promo/2012. [Deep Journey Recordings]

2.Blaq Soul-African Voyage(Main Mix) 2012.[Blaq Soul Music]

3.Afefe Iku-Dakountdown 2012.[Yoruba Records]

4.Dj Cesar & Renato Xtrova-Summer Beats(P.M Projects SA Remix) 2012.[Mwimbo Records]

5.Gregor Salto-Damelo(You Got What I Want) (Original Mix) 2012.[G Rex]

6.Dj Cesar Ft.Petty-Tunda(Dj Alpha Zukut Remix) 2012.[AM Roots Music]

7.Leroy Styles,Bryan Dalton & Volante-Tiburon(Original Mix) 2012.[Afrazoo Records]

8.Kwabatcha-Zvangu Zvamuka(Mash O Remix) 2011.

9.Invaders Vs SoulPoizen-Afro-Spring Party 2011.

10.Djeff Afrozila & Alias Rythn Ft.Bzb-Voce Me Chamou(The VOS Brothers And Marco Amadeo Renovatio Soule Mix)[Kazukuta Records]

11.Echo Deep-Heart Of Africa(BDBM Original Mix) Promo/2012.[Melomania Records]

12.LayedSoul-Spiritual Blessing Promo/????.[Deep London Records]

13.Soulcool-Sunset(Main Mix) Promo/2012.[Mo-Faya records]

14.Soa Deep-Marimba(Root Mix) Promo/2012.

15.Lemon & Herb Ft.Baba Maqhinga-Thandilami(Atmospheric Deep And Denz Devarez Expedition)Promo/2012. [Peng Records]

16.Infinite Boys Ft.G.Man-Machangu(Mushroom Boyz Amanita Muscaria Mix) 2011.[City Deep Records]

(OUTRO)Talking In The Jungle (Real Life Sounds)

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