Trav Live from Breakfast of Champions 2012 – THE SPACE COWBOYS RIPEcast

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You want a hard pounding? I got your hard pounding right here!

I’ve always loved playing feel-good, crowd-pleasing, happier tunes at BoC — big gay haus and funky breaks. But this year, I wanted to try something different — I wanted to play the inside room, the dark-dirty-sweat-dripping-from-the-ceiling room. So I brought a collection of the finest techno in modern day, to give our loyal cow-pokes something new to feel in their ear-holes.

Unfortunately, cow-pokes don’t appear to like techno — most of my dancefloor had vanished about half way through.

I mean — this is a pretty great set. It’s no Ethan Miller set, but it’s well mixed. Feels good. High energy. Hands in the air. Very danceable.

So give it a shot and try something new. I do not recommend pairing wine with this mix. Instead, I recommend a gym workout, participating in an arm wrestling competition, shredding old mail, and weaving in and out of the HOV lane at 90mph.


– Trav

TrackList (18 long this time .. gotta switch tracks fast in tekno, yo!)
1. Jeroen Liebregts – Hunter / Grazer (Sinecure Remix)
2. Concrete Djz – Pulsar
3. Thom Yorke – The Clock (Surgeon Remix)
4. Luis Ruiz – Cult of the Fallen Angel
5. Concrete Djz – IC 1101
6. Carara – The Moment (Kike Pravda Remix)
7. Spiriakos, Steen – Groove Tork (Spiros Spiriakos Remix)
8. Spiros Kaloumenos – Paketo
9. Homma Honganji – Seriola
10. David Moleon – Halftune
11. DJ Cristiao, MGMX – Cabassa (feat DJ Cristiao)
12. Jan Waterman – Da Mix Funk Me
13. Giulio Maresca – 1984
14. Ruben Martinez – Back End
15. Peppelino – Lemon Tree
16. Reaky – F-Reaky goes to Hollywood (Relax after race)
17. Grovskopa – Sex and Violins (Surgeon Remix)
18. Vex’d – Pop Pop


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