May 2012 Heaven or Hell? – Christian Cazenave’s Podcast

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Heaven or Hell?

Remember when you stumbled out and it was already well past dawn? Looking for the sunglasses and feeling like a zombie in the Land of the Living.. Well.. this is the soundtrack to such a night..

Quick & fun set I whipped up for my birthday. This is the original cut to which I added a Xtian Edit of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” (showing my venerable age right here..).R.I.P Donna the Disco Queen..

I received a request a few weeks ago for the stems of a mash-up I posted 3 years ago of “I Kissed a Girl vs. Angel on my Shoulder”. A strike of pure genius from C&M! I could not find the original edit on my HD, hence I re-worked it live and included the result in the set.

Blurb reduced to minimum required as I am leaving O/S and have little time to pontificate ;) .


  1. Intro 2009 Do Yo House Dance?. Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-Spress
  2. 2011 Its a New Day (Jamie Lewis Sunrise mix). Djaimin vs Jamie Lewis
  3. 2012 Heaven Or Hell (Jean Christophe Remix). Guy Robin feat. Amba Shepherd

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