C2E Pressure Radio Show 24-05-2012 – Nice ‘N’ Ripe – C2E Deep Soulful House Music

Originally tried to do this show back in April but was rudely interrupted midway though with my Internet connection dropping out.

Since I love the sound of Nice « N » Ripe so much I though it only fair to give it another go.

For those that have never heard of this infamous London label your in for a treat. For those of you that enjoyed the London Garage Vol1 mix from this time last year you know what your in for.

This mix showcases my favourite NNR releases from the likes of Grant Nelson, Richard Purser, Warren Clarke, J Sylvester, Michael King, Clayton Mitchell, Dave Deller, Si Firmin.

It’s my birthday today, so this is a present to myself and from me to you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Looking forward to your company next week for more deep ‘n’ soulful sounds on Pressure Radio.

Thanks to everyone tuning in this week.

Ton of ways to tune in.

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1) Dub Foundation – People Party
2) Dangerous Liason – Hold It High
3) 24 Hr Experience – Not Gonna Let You
4) Grant Nelson – Track 101
5) Pearl Necklace – On A Mission
6) Time Out – Have Some Fun
7) Deep Cover – Can’t Stop The Feelin
8) Proteus – Groove 1080
9) Vinyl Mixers – Fall Down (Moonlight Sax Mix)
10) Grant Nelson – Move This Rhythm (Every Which Way Dub)
11) Behind The Mask – Freedom Is Sweeter
12) D.C. Sensation – Deep Inside
13) Michael King ft Dave Riley – Love Sensation
14) Deep Cover – Got To Let Me In
15) Sly – Flexin
16) The Vinyl Movers – Keep The Love
17) J Sylvester – Kick Em
18) Champagne Bubbler – Got 2 Work
19) Sly – Gonna Love Ya
20) The Essence – Large
21) 24 Hr Experience – Take Me Up To Bed
22) The Rhythm Construction Co – Don’t Blame Me
23) Grant Nelson – Dance M.F.
24) Dangerous Liaison – Smoov
25) 24 Hr Experience – Together



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