Bobby C Sound TV RIPEcast Redux – THE SPACE COWBOYS RIPEcast

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This week the Space Cowboys are pleased to present this reprise from our pal, Bobby C Sound TV out of Denver. For his second go ’round on The RIPEcast, Bobby has put together this tasty, 67-minute eclectic mash-up of nu funk, hip hop, pop, R&B and more! Press play and enjoy, Boys and Girls!

1. Funky Fresh Few-First Met You
2. Gorillaz-Rock The House
3. Big Youth-Waterhouse Rock
(Groove Corporation remix)
4. Buscemi Kocani Orkestar-
Along At My Wedding
5. Missy Elliot-Get Your Freak On acapella
6. Azaxx-Fiesta Tropical
7. MC Lyte-Cold Rock A Party acapella
8. MC Lyte-Cold Rock A Party
9. A Tribe Called Quest-Check The Rhime
10. Fatman Scoop-Be Faithful
11. Black Sheep-The Choice is yours
12. Beastie Boys-Make Some Noise
13. Geto Boys-Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Bobby C Sound TV A.V. remix)
14. Sub Focus-Rock It (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
15. Bobby C Sound TV-Home Schooled
16. Bobby C Sound TV-Jelly Belly
17. Bobby C Sound TV-Papa Grande
18. MGMT-Electric Feel (Justice remix)
19. Bobby C Sound TV-Power Up
20. Featurecast-On My God
21. Bobby C Sound TV-Follow And Lead
22. A Tribe Called Quest-Show Business (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
23. Bobby C Sound TV-Sky Walking
24. Bobby C Sound TV-Abiding Strut
25. Bobby C Sound TV-Tension To Detail
26. Bobby C Sound TV-Put Em Up, Hold Em Down
27. Bobby C Sound TV-Ghostin The Machine
28. Bobby C Sound TV-Ian’s Delight
29. Bobby C Sound TV-Make Tea, Not Guns
30. Bobby C Sound TV-Neon Night Light
31. Mike Monday-Zum Zum
32. Duck Sauce-Babara Streisand (Pimpsoul & DJ P remix)
33. Bobby C Sound TV-Floor Shaker
34. Justice-Helix
35. Spoonie G & The Sequence-Monster Jam (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
36. Badboe Vs. Prosper-Rock The Beat (Mooqee & Beatvandals remix)
37. Gabriell-Giovanotty
38. Daft Punk-Around The World
39. Gorillaz-Dare
40. Madeon-Pop Culture
41. Bobby C Sound TV-Beat Catcher
42. Bobby C Sound TV-Cookie Dough
43. Bobby C Sound TV-Insanity For Vanity
44. The Clash-Train In Vain (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
45. The Empresarios-Bailando (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
46. Ft. Knox Five-Insight (A Skillz remix)
47. The Pharcyde-Soul Flower (Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir remix)
48. Neighbor-Close To Mine
49. Midnight Juggernauts-Shadows
50. Alex Gopher-Aurora (Riot IN Belgium & Knightlife remix)

In case you missed him the first time around, here’s a little more background on this week’s guest….

It’s not everyday a producer/DJ gets blogged by one of their favorite directors as is the case with Bobby C Sound TV who was recently blogged and called brilliant by Edgar Wright, director of such cult movies as Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Hot Fuzz. Bobby C Sound TV is one Bobby Collins hailing from Denver, Colorado. He has been playing instruments from an early age and then a fateful show with Peanut Butter Wolf and Cut Chemist had him convinced on the spot that a pair of turntables were in his future. He has been DJing for the past 10 years and has played just about every venue in his home state including Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Fillmore as well as being the first artist in The First Bank Center (AEG’s new 8,000 seat flagship venue) for its VIP party. In 2010 Bobby was one of 20 DJ’s in the US selected to play the Sweatshop Mixer at The Coachella Music Festival. In early 2009 Bobby started messing around with a video DJ plug-in and soon after unveiled, « Bobby C Sound TV ». His love of cinema was combined with his 10 years of DJ experience to create a pastiche of pop-culture that is visually stimulating and danceable at the same time. His live mash up DJ approach was applied to create crowd rocking routines with some of the most memorable music videos, movie scenes and just about everything in between.

The past few years have seen him busier than ever on the production front with remixes and releases on 7 different labels worldwide and jumping on multiple top 10 lists for Juno Download and Beaport. Many more releases are on the way and his Soundcloud page has been getting thousands of plays and downloads each week while his youtube channel is fast approaching 225,000 plays. His tracks have been turning up in DJ sets all around the world as of late to packed dancefloors everywhere. 

For more information on Bobby C Sound TV visit


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