Clips Music – ULTIMA THULE – Fly Myself Free (Official Video) 1991. – Ultima Thule  » Fly Myself Free » Estonia A song from the musical movie « Rock’n'roll in Baltics » 1991. Latvia Filmed on old soviet black & white 35 mm SVEMA film stock, camera ARRIFLEX, no computers, just film! Voice – Riho Sibul Directed by Igors Linga and Aigars Grauba Cinematographer – Andris Damburs Designer – Martins Milbrets Cast – Juris Silins and Vineta Groza Music by Slava Kobrin & Riho Sibul Lyrics by Peeter Kopvillem Recorded in  » TOWN HALL STUDIO » Tallinn, Estonia &  » HYPNOTIC STUDIO » Toronto, Canada Mixed in  » HYPNOTIC STUDIO » Produced by Tom Treumuth Estonian album from « Rock’n'Roll in Baltics » All movie clips 35 MM – A GROUP FOR CINEPHILES! From Lumiere Brothers to contemporary cinema… a subjective view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors; documentary, « unknown » and underground cinema; music and animation on cinema and on film

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