Clips Music – The Battle For Walter Tull – A song based on the true story of Britain’s first ever black hero Walter Tull. Walter became the first ever black professional outfield footballer in the UK and the first ever black army officer for the British Army, even though in 1917 the army rule book said « Only white men of European origin can lead white men into battle » JOIN THE FACEBOOK PETITION to get Walter awarded with a posthumus Military Cross Walter Tull died in 1918, shot by a German gun Private Billingham tried to get to his body, but it couldn’t be done And as Walter fell, his story died too, Britain’s first black hero and no one would know the truth Born in Folkestone in 1888, Walter’s parents died when he was young Sent to an orphanage in Bethnal Green, a new life in East London And Walter started playing football and he signed for Tottenham Hotspurs But the racist abuse down at the Bristol ground meant they dropped him to the reserves Walter didn’t care he moved to Northampton Town FC, Played 111 games before the war intervened Signed up with his team and they went to the front line An officer saw something in him that would change the course of time And if you look in the book of the time It says only white men can lead the line But in 1917 Walter stepped out for King and Queen The first black man to lead the whites, He fought in six battles before the end of his life He should have won the MC (Military) cross but the army somehow forgot Oh Walter you’re a hero, a hero to this land The first black outfield footballer, the first black officer man Oh Walter you’re a hero, a hero to my country Fighting for truth and justice now, something you would never see Walter Tull, know his name MASSIVE THANKS to Billy Playle for his editing, bass, drums, cello, mix mastering AND patience, Louise Ring Vangsgaard for her amazing fiddle, Asger Hoyer for his hospitality and recording patience (and one of the acoustic guitars is him!!!) and Fred Jam for all his help and enthusiasm! Please also check out this excellent website on the history of black footballers in the UK Cast: Ashley Cowan Tags: walter tull , black hero , world war one , football , army , english , acoustic and music

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