Clips Music – Six60 – Addicted – With soul and groove, Six60, poured primo sounds throughout the number 16 tram, entertaining and stunning passengers who crammed into the carriage to witness the once in a blue moon spectacle. The two NZ boys, Matiu and Ji of the five piece outfit, really know how to turn it on for a crowd and had the hoards bopping along to their acoustic set with giant smiles on their faces and with smartphones in the air to capture the event. So good was their performance even Mel, the tram driver, instantly turned into a radio DJ, back announcing each of Six60’s three tracks and even giving a shout out to the Tram Sessions crew with her smooth projection of “Tram Sessions, putting bands on trams for your commuting pleasure!” Make sure you watch this, because these boys will be taking over the world with their huge sound.

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