Gotye – Hearts A Mess – Gotye – Hearts A Mess Film clip for the Gotye song Hearts A Mess Production: PictureDRIFT Direction and Animation: Brendan Cook Character Design: Duncan Irving 3D Modeling & Animation: Mayumi Kaneko Character Rigging: Stefan Litterini Cinematography: Barnaby Norris Music credits: All sounds collected and arranged by Wally De Backer, in bedrooms around Melbourne, Australia between 2004-2006. Except where notes below: Strings, harp, guitar, double bass and drum sample recreations produced by Hal Ritson and Richard Adlam for with Guthrie Govan on guitar, Richard Adlam on percussion and programming, Hal Ritson on keyboards and Cerys Jones and Laurine Rochut on violin Hearts A Mess (Walter De Backer/Irving Burgie/William Attaway),

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