Clips Music – Blinded – Hey guys , Just trying out a new sound , Follow me @BandanaSplit , like and subscribe , Enjoy ! Lyrics: We in the winners circle rollin up , i got that fire, got that bus , no loose ties , top floor tied up , we the kids whos this yeah they hot stuff you know i spit them classics fresher than a package thats just ripped out of the plastic polo got that rasta , red bone like a lobster i aint got a choppa but my shirt got that lacoste spit like an alpaca , just to pay my rent , im so young i dont even pay rent , but the people like my music give it up like lent, skin looks like its cocoa, crazy as four loco, they shoppin at fifth avenue , im chillen at sunoco hold up , stop , kill it . im a put the mic down , grab a pen and write down , all the things going on in my life right now , put it to a beat , make the people freak , now they come around like thats my sheet , shit, wanna join the clique , fuck that , man when i say grind , you say whats that , flow like an egyptian , my music a perscription for all the people listening they know that beast mode’s my closest alter ego , so cold that he froze, i spit that below zero , lifes a game i got cheat codes, i share them with my people , get on beats and I go Robert Deniro i wonder how it feels to live, i just live to feel , live to fill al the emptiness , from all the heart i’ve spilled every beat i see i kill, every B.I.C

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