ART – experimental video Art – DEMOCRACY – State terrorism in Spain and France, i.e. in European Representative Democracies : -Death squads: BVE [1] (1975-1981), GAL (1983-1987) [2] -Torture (5 deaths caused by torture since 1981…12 in total since 1961). -Prisoners’ dispersion : 16 relatives of prisonners dead on the road to jail visits – nowaday 750 basque political prisonners dispersed around France and Spain -Since the 90s: ban of Political Movements (HB, Batasuna, Segi) and Newspapers (Egin, Egunkaria): politicians and journalists sent to jail, some tortured [3] -In 2009, April 18th: a basque militant disappeared, his dead body was found on March 11th, 2010 [4]

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